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Each Oakland in the Middle certified school fosters student creativity through classes in art, music, dance, computer science, world languages, and drama.

G1 Approved Proposals

See what Measure G1 Funds are working towards this school year at each school site!

G1 Spotlights


Enriched Music Programs

G1 Funds have enriched and grown the music programs at 17 different OUSD middle school sites. The music programs have expanded through the purchasing of over 210 new instruments for student-musicians and increased music program choice at school sites.

Growing Art Opportunities

Money allocated through G1 has aided over school sites improve and expand the fine art courses and after school programs they offer. G1 funded programs range from video related courses to painting classes to musical theater production and many more!


Increased staff and teacher training

G1 has allowed the district to hire new instructors as well as train current teachers on new school culture strengthening practices such as Restorative Justice, staff and student mindfulness programs and campus culture events!

G1 School Site Documents

Click to Download relevant G1 Materials

Guidelines for Measure G1 Eligible Expenses

The outline for what Measure G1 Funds can be allocated towards and what standards must be met in order for the request for G1 funding to be accepted.

Measure G1 Calendar

This is a living document which is subject to change and be updated and re-uploaded periodically. Please check that you have the most recent version to ensure you are aware of the most up to date deadlines and the correct site visit schedule.

Measure G1 Carryover Procedures

This outlines the process for submitting a Measure G1 Carryover request form and which documents are required from school site administrators in order to apply for carryover.

Measure G1 Carryover Justification - Short Form

Sample form for Measure G1 Carryover justification for residual 2017-2018 G1 allocated funds. This is the Short Form document.

Measure G1 Carryover Justification - Long Form

Sample form for Measure G1 Carryover justification for residual 2017-2018 G1 allocated funds. This is the Long Form document.

Sample of Measure G1 Mid-Year Reflection Form

This is a sample of the document schools are required to fill out and submit back to the commissioners as a report on the implementation and outcomes of G1 funds and the programs the money has facilitated.

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